Land Drainage Schemes

Over the years we have completed many primary and secondary golf course and sports field drainage schemes. These include complete fairway lateral drainage installations, followed by secondary gravel banding.

We operate modern laser graded chain trenchers and Shelton Wizz Wheel trenchers, combined with low ground pressure tractors, purpose made gravel carts and 6t dumpers.

Major Primary & Secondary Schemes completed at:

  • Handsworth GC; Fairway Drainage & Gravel Banding
  • Humberstone Heights GC; Fairway Drainage and Gravel Banding
  • Warwick Race course; Mains, Lateral Drainage & Gravel Banding
  • Fontwell Park Racecourse; Mains, Lateral Drainage & Gravel Banding
  • Radcliffe On Trent GC; Mains & Lateral Fairway Drainage
  • Newcastle Racecourse; three phases of Mains, Laterals & Gravel Banding.

Land Drainage Installation

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary land drainage
  • schemes for: Golf courses, Sports pitches & Racecourses
  • Sand & Gravel Banding
  • Pumped drainage systems