Heavy Duty, Triple Layer Geosynthetic Liner…

HyLine is a heavy weight twin layer Geosynthetic ‘Hybrid’ liner. The base layer comprises of a puncture resistant woven geotextile to act as a stone barrier. The upper surface layer is a thicker non-woven 200 gauge geotextile. This allows the bunker sand to purchase into the open fibres to provide a good interface.

Encapsulated between the two liners is an inert mineral material. This gives the liner a more substantial weight and thickness, thus preventing contamination of sand whilst forming a substantial stone barrier.

The extra weight also helps prevent the liner being disturbed, undermined or lifted. Both layers are interwoven together to prevent the inner fill material from moving and to provide additional reinforcement. Being impermeable the bunker drains in a conventional manner to a central drain. This ensures that the sand does not dry out and become unstable. The playability is therefore more in line with traditional non lined bunkers.

 Layer Integral Bunker Lining System:

1) Base Layer

  • Puncture Resistant WOVEN Geotextile:
  • Provides Stone Barrier
  • Prevents Sand Contamination

2) Encapsulated Filler

  • Inert Mineral Material:
  • Adds Weight to Stabilise Liner and Prevent Lifting
  • Allows Liner to Mould to Base Contours
  • Ensures Moisture Retention of Bunker Sand thus Increasing Stability

3)  Layer Integral Bunker Lining System

  • Open Fibre, Non-Woven Geotextile:
  • Sand Purchases into open fibres to provide good interface
  • Reduces Sand Movement within the Bunker
  • The Base and Surface layers are interwoven together, encapsulating the Filler. This produces an integral liner, prevents any movement of the filler and provides additional reinforcement.

  • Laid directly onto a prepared subsoil base.
  • Installed in 5.00m wide rolls to minimise joints.Liner laid beyond the sand area by minimum 300mm and secured under a stacked turf edge
  • Anchors liner around perimeter
  • Allows for edging off
  • Prevents perimeter of liner being exposed


  • All bunkers require internal piped drainage to a positive outfall.
  • Liner is inserted down each side of the drainage trench and secured by the gravel backfill.

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